Setup Home

Once logged in, you can access the administrative side by clicking Setup from the main navigation toolbar on the left side of the page. This displays the Setup Home page.
On the left side of the page, menu links for accessing the different administrative sections are available. Clicking on any menu link with this icon cpq_1905_dropdown_menu_setup.jpg expands the menu, displaying a number of sub-menu links. Main navigation toolbar is always available on the left side of the screen. Most administrative sections in SAP CPQ have the same look and feel.

Setup Home page contains tenant analytics:

  • Storage Status in Current Month - two graphs visually representing the usage of the file system and the database. There is also a numerical representation of the total and used storage space in gigabytes.
  • Total Storage Usage Per Month - graphical and numerical overview of the total storage usage per months for images, documents, proposals and the database.
  • Active Users - the tenant name and the respective number of total users, active and inactive users. By default, users with, and email domains are excluded from the total number of users in a tenant, and therefore, they are excluded from the total number of active and unused users. In this context, active users are all users with a license, regardless of whether they are blocked, expired, etc.
  • User Activity in Current Month - the total number of user and admin logins and the number of created users. Clicking View opens a grid with a detailed overview for each user.

In the top right corner of the shell bar, the following icons are located:

  • Help cpq_1905_setup_icons_help.jpg - clicking this icon opens the SAP Sales Cloud CPQ Online help page with more information about the page you are currently on in a new tab.
  • Exit Setup cpq_1905_setup_icons_exit_setup.jpg - clicking this icon redirects you to the SAP CPQ landing page.
  • Log-out cpq_1905_setup_icons_log_out.jpg - clicking this icon logs you out of the current SAP CPQ environment.
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