CTX Objects and Lifetime

A CTX tag returns the value of an object property only if that object is already loaded. If the object does not exists or is not loaded the returned value will be empty string.
The Quote object is loaded in the edit action. It exists on the quote, quote property, customers, and all other cart tab pages. The Quote object is also present in the Configurator, with the exception that it does not exist if the user clicked new quote and is configuring the first item. The Quote object exists in the catalogue but only if add item was executed.
The Quote.CurrentItem object refers to the cart item being iterated in the loops. If used outside of the loop it will use the first cart item. It can be used in discount rules and CRM mappings. It can be used only if the Quote object is loaded.
The SFDCSalesforce.com object exists if SFDC integration is enabled and the user came through SFDC backdoor from an opportunity.
The SOD object exists if SOD integration is enabled and current quote is attached to an opportunity.
The Visitor object is created after the user logs in. It is present the whole all time while user session is valid.

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