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 +====== Arithmetic Tags ======
 +^**Tag **^**Description **^**Type Retuned **^**Example **^
 +|**<*EVAL(math expression)*> **|Evaluates a math expression. The expression can contain operators and conditions that need to be evaluated. This tag initiates the VBScript engine, so all VBScript functions can be used. See Appendix A for more information. |Result of evaluation. |<* EVAL( [IF](<* IsSelected(Operating System.Linux 10) *>){<* Price(Operating System) *> * 0.10}{<* Price(Operating System) *> * 0.05}[ENDIF] ) *> - if Linux 10 is selected from the attribute Operating System then multiply the price of the selected attribute value in the Operating System attribute by 0.10, otherwise multiply it by 0.05. The EVAL tag evaluates the entire expression and returns the result. |
 +|**<*Round (value, decimal places)*> **|Rounds a value. The number of decimal places can be specified; otherwise the value is rounded to the whole number. |Number |<* Round(<*EVAL(13/2)*>)*> - returns 6 <* Round(<*EVAL(13/2)*>,2)*> - returns 6.5 <* Round( <*EVAL(<*Price(Maint)*>/ <*Value(Months))*>*>) *> - returns the quotient of the Maint price divided by the value of the Months attribute |
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