Shopping Cart Object Tags

The following tables give the tags available to retrieve shopping cart information. These tags are generally used in visibility and approval rules. They can only be used outside of product configuration and they will not work in product rules, descriptions, etc. The first three tables provide information about a cart owner (CO), current user (CU), bill to information (BT), or customer information (CO_ST). Tag syntax for these tables is similar. The cart owner and current user information use the same column names. The bill to information is pulled from the Bill To and End User role in the Billing/Shipping tab of a quote. Customer information is pulled from the Ship To role.
EXAMPLE: [EQ](<*CU_INFO(TERRITORY_ID*>, <*CO_INFO(TERRITORY_ID)*>) – returns whether the current user’s territory id matches the territory id of the cart owner. This expression can be used in quote visibility rules to allow users to only see quotes from their own territory.

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