Collaboration Processes

Collaboration Process enables its users to collaborate while using SAP CPQ. Collaboration is implemented in a means of separated processes, each representing a topic of special interest for SAP CPQ user. There are three built in workflows for Ask An Expert for products and quotes as well as Tasks for quotes. Collaboration users can create their own processes and integrate them in SAP CPQ quotes. This allows SAP CPQ users to easily request help when configuring quote or product, get expert help and collaborate with other users on quote configuration.

Display page

Adding new/Editing collaboration processes
[Collaboration Bar] This is the title of the process. When a process is displayed in a quote, clicking on this title will expand/collapse that section
[Discussion Title] This as a static text located right below the collaboration bar. It can be used for description of the process.
[Button Label] This text will be displayed on the 'Submit' button for creation of new cases.
[Code] Paste here generated code for the corresponding processes (for exapmle 'Ask an Expert for Quotation' or 'Task for Quotation' or any of the processes which you created) from ResponsAbility (you can find this code in ResponsAbility if you go to Setup → Integration → WebSource SAP CPQ) . This code will embed that process.
[Rank] Can be used for ordering of the processes. The process with the smallest rank will be displayed first.
[Label for Generated Link] Once somebody creates a case, case will contain a link to the quote. Here you define which text will be displayed on that 'Context Link' in ResponsAbility's case. For example, you can use 'Link to the quote'
[Show on Quotation Tab] If this checkbox is selected, this process will be displayed on quotes page, in the 'Quotation' tab.
[Show on Discussion Tab] If this checkbox is selected, this process will be displayed on quotes page, in the 'Collaboration' tab.
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