Prerequisites for SAP Commerce Cloud Integration

  • In case SAP Commerce Cloud is using existing configurable products set up for Variant Configuration, Variant Configuration and SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing need to be integrated. However, this is not required for using simple products from SAP ERP.
  • The SAP provider needs to be enabled and common settings defined in Setup > Providers > Providers > SAP > SAP Cloud Platform > Common Settings.
  • An email list needs to be created in Setup > Workflow > Email Lists.
    Since the email notification about the request for quotation (RFQ) is sent to sales representatives, we suggest you use Sales Representatives as the name of the email list. Additionally, when creating an email list, make sure you select the adequate user types (for example, Sales Representative).
  • A notification that sales representatives receive about the request for quotation needs to be created in Setup > Workflow > Notifications.
    Example: For the notification name, enter RFQ Notification. For the message subject, you may use Request for Quotation. In Email List, select the previously created email list Sales Representatives. For the message body, you may use the following: Dear sales representative, there is a new quote with the number <*SYSTEMQUOTATIONNUMBER *> waiting for your review and proposal. Please follow the link to review the quote: <* QuoteLink *>
  • The following actions need to be added to the appropriate Workflow matrix: Release Quote To SAP Commerce and Release Quote And Proposal To SAP Commerce.
    The former will be visible on quote, whereas the latter will be available upon document generation in the form of the Submit to customer button. Additionally, you need to set permissions for the said actions.
  • The External Quote Status custom field needs to be created in Setup > Quotes > Custom Fields.
  • The integration user needs to be created in Setup > Users > Users, as the user will be the quote owner.
    The administrator role should be assigned to the user.
  • The New Revision action needs to be added to the Workflow matrix.
    Additionally, the previously created integration user needs to have permissions for the above-mentioned action, as the action will be used to create a new revision on behalf of the integration user.
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