New Opportunity Save Behavior

In their Spring '09 release, Salesforce has introduced new opportunity save behavior feature. It was published only to sandbox installations at the time, however the new feature will be enforced to all Salesforce applications as of December 2009.
The purpose of this feature is change the save behavior for Opportunities so that all standard and custom save logic is consistently fired, aligning the behavior across the Platform.

New opportunity save behavior may impact your Salesforce - CPQ integration. Most common scenario may be if you have opportunity validation rules set up in your Salesforce application that check whether opportunity total is bigger then required minimal amount. When pushing quote information to Salesforce opportunity, CPQ first deletes existing opportunity products and then recreates them with new date found in quote items. The change that comes with new opportunity save behavior is reflected at the start of the process - previously, deleting opportunity products did not trigger opportunity validation rules, while with new release opportunity validation rules are executed at this point and may return the error.

To read more about opportunity save behavior, please go to New Opportunity Save Behavior .

If your Salesforce - CPQ integration is affected with this change, recommended steps for resolving the issue are:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup and create opportunity custom field (type checkbox). Default for this field should be false. When updating opportunities, CPQ will set this field to 'TRUE'.
  2. In CPQ Setup → CRM Integration Setup → General, there is an entry 'Opportunity Validation flag'. Click on 'CRM Lookup' link and find the API name of the opportunity field that was created in step 1.
  3. Modify opportunity validation rules so that critical validations are implemented only when this flag is set to FALSE (purpose of the change is to distinguish situations where CPQ is updating the opportunity vs. when it is user who is changing it ).
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