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-====== General Prerequisites ====== 
-There are some general prerequisites that need to be fulfilled so that users could integrate SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP CPQ: 
-  * SAP Cloud Platform Integration should be used as the middleware. 
-  * SAP CPQ and SAP Cloud for Customer need to be synchronized in terms of product (material) master, markets and pricebooks via the Enterprise Resource Planning software (SAP ERP) or SAP S/4HANA. In these pages we will use SAP ERP throughout examples. 
-  * To have the [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:sap_erp_integration|SAP ERP integration set up]]. 
-  * [[adminhelp:federation|SAML 2.0 single sign-on needs to be set up]]. 
-  * To have an integration tenant in SAP CPQ, SAP Cloud for Customer and in SAP Cloud Platform Integration. 
-  * A matching user must be created in both systems. 
-To complete these requirements, you will need to contact different teams in SAP (for example, the SAP Cloud Platform Integration team must provide the URL and the endpoints that you need to enter in the **Providers** page in SAP CPQ).  
-<note>For more detailed instructions on the integration, please refer to {{https://rapid.sap.com/bp/#/scopeitems/41C|SAP Best Practices for SAP CPQ integration with SAP Cloud for Customer}}.</note> 
-== More Information == 
-[[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:sap_c4c_integration:sap_c4c_-_cpq_integration_as_of_1905:specific_sap_cpq_prerequisites|Specific SAP CPQ Prerequisites]] 
-[[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:sap_c4c_integration:sap_c4c_-_cpq_integration_as_of_1905:setup_adjustments_on_the_sap_cpq_side|Setup Adjustments on the SAP CPQ Side]] 
-[[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:sap_c4c_integration:sap_c4c_-_cpq_integration_as_of_1905:user_journey_from_sap_c4c_to_sap_cpq|User Journey from SAP Cloud for Customer to SAP CPQ]] 
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