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-====== User Journey from SAP Cloud for Customer to SAP CPQ ====== 
-The diagram shows a basic integration scenario available in SAP CPQ 1905.\\ 
-The user journey starts from a sales quote in SAP Cloud for Customer where users can define the involved parties (customers in SAP CPQ), the document type, header fields, and they can add products. After clicking **Save and Open**, the user is redirected from SAP Cloud for Customer to SAP CPQ where a new quote is created. Clicking **Save** creates a sales quote in SAP Cloud for Customer and the next time user edits it, they are redirected to SAP CPQ and a new quote is created. The quote in SAP CPQ uses SAP Cloud for Customer external ID as quote composite number so users have the experience of working only on one quote. Additionally, users landing from SAP Cloud for Customer cannot access the **Load Existing Project/Quotation** page, so they will always land on the quote that they have opened in SAP Cloud for Customer.\\ 
-Even though most of the infrastructure matches the infrastructure of the old SAP Cloud for Customer integration, the landing page was developed completely new. The landing page displays after landing from SAP Cloud for Customer, while a quote is being created in SAP CPQ. The page displays the progress of the quote creation and messages in case of an error.\\ 
-The SAP Cloud for Customer sales quote is automatically updated on the **Save Quote** action only if the quote in SAP CPQ is in active revision. Otherwise, if the quote is in inactive revision, the system skips the automatic syncing of data if the **Save Quote** action is triggered. If **Update Sales Quote** is triggered in SAP CPQ, an error message is displayed because the sales quote cannot be updated from an inactive revision.\\ 
-== More Information == 
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