Send Document To CRM

It's possible to send documents to CRM as pre or post-action to another action.

All you have to do is to set 'Send Document To CRM' action as pre or post action to desired action (e.g. Generate Quote) for adequate status in Workflow.

This action is basically intended to be used as post-action to Generate Quote for Salesforce integration.

SAP CPQ will show error message if error happened in communication with CRM during document sending.
If SAP CPQ is sending file to Salesforce and if file size is too large for to accept it, SAP CPQ will not attempt to send it automatically and error message will be displayed to user.

After successfully sending the document to Salesforce, it will appear on Opportunity in Notes & Attachments section.

To make action Send Document to CRM visible on the Download Document and Send Email page, set application parameter Hide option to send document to opportunity from user (located in the Email Customers/Quote Acceptance Settings, in the Quotes submenu) to False. Consult the following image to see what we mean:

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