MS Dynamics CRM (2011 version) and CPQ Integration Instructions

CRM Setup

In order to access CPQ Quotes through MS CRM opportunity, you need to log in to MS CRM with administrative account. After you have logged in follow these steps:

  • click on Settings
  • in the left menu click on Customizations (Figure A)

Figure A: Customizations
  • click on Customize the System (Figure B)

Figure B: Customize the System
  • Among entities find the Opportunity object and click on it
  • Click on Forms and then find the form that you want to edit (one used in opportunity) (Figure C)

Figure C: Opportunity forms

You can define CPQ as either Iframe that will be displayed on opportunity page in particular section, or as a new tab where Iframe with CPQ will be displayed.

In order to add Iframe either to tab or to section, click on IFRAME under the Insert tab. (Figure D)

Figure D: Adding CPQ tab

Add an IFRAME” form is displayed (See figure E). Follow next steps to set up an CPQ IFRAME.

  • Under name field write “CPQ”.
  • Under URL field write

Replace CpqApplicationName and DomainName with the CPQ instance URL (for example and with the name of your domain, respectively.

  • Under label field type “CPQ”
  • Be sure to check Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters
  • Under Security, uncheck Restrict cross-frame scripting.

  • Click on tab “Formatting” and set the number of rows to 35. Make sure that check-box “Automatically expand to use available space” is selected.

  • Save Iframe.

Click on Form Properties.

  • On tab 'Events', under Event List → Form Libraries, click on Add
  • Under Name, put CPQScript
  • For Type, pick Script(JScript)
  • Click on Text Editor, and add following code:

function SetUrlForCpq()
    var IFrame = Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get("IFRAME_CPQ");
	var Url = IFrame.getSrc() + "&userId=" + Xrm.Page.context.getUserId();

Save the script and publish it. At the screen top, under drop-down Actions, click on Publish.

On the same tab 'Events', under section 'Event Handlers', for Control : Form and Event : OnLoad, click on 'Add' and for Library select 'new_CPQScript'. Leave flag Enabled selected and enter 'SetUrlForCpq' for Function, since that is the function from our script.

Click on ok. Setting should look like this :

Save form and publish it.

CPQ Setup

Log into your CPQ domain and go to SetupCRM IntegrationGeneral. Under ”CPQ is integrated with” drop-down list choose “Microsoft CRM”.

Under CRM Webservice Discovery URL enter:

For CRM Online customers:

For CRM On-premise customers:

Under “Your company name in CRM”, enter your company name.
Under “Domain name (enter if using Active Directory)”, enter your domain name only if you are using Active Directory.
Under “Organization URI enter: https://{YourCompanyName}
Under “Endpoint type” enter LiveId

Figure - CRM integration parameters

Define an administrative account

Now you must define an administrative account. To do so, follow next steps.

  • Go to Setup > CRM Integration > CRM Administrator Account
  • Click Add New to create a new administrator account

In the displayed form, choose Microsoft CRM under CRM Name, then fill out other fields based on your data and needs and click Save (See next Figure)

Adding administrative account

Dynamics CRM Integration using IronPython scripting

You can find instructions on how to integrate CPQ with with MS CRM on next help page: Integrate with MS CRM?

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