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 You can select which columns you wish to be displayed in the **Subscription to Events** page in **Display Settings**.  You can select which columns you wish to be displayed in the **Subscription to Events** page in **Display Settings**. 
 +===== Verify Successfully Notified Logs in SAP CPQ Log =====
 +By checking the following pipeline, you can verify that successfully notified logs exist in the SAP CPQ log.
 +  - The **Product Added**, **Product Updated**, **Product Deleted** or any other event is triggered.
 +  - In the event log there should be a message //Sent message to producer with Key://. The key should be //{cpq url};{domain};{eventKey of triggered event}//.
 +  - After that the following sequence should take place:
 +    - A message from Kafka was received in Notifier MS.
 +    - Notification saving was started.
 +    - Notifier MS received a message and attempted to match with the appropriate webhook.
 +    - Notification was saved.
 +    - Match was found.
 +  - Successfully notified 1/1 - the Notifier MS successfully sent a notification about a matched webhook. Alternatively, the Notifier MS failed to notify because the webhook (target URL) is not available or reachable, or the authentication is wrong. In case notifying fails, check your target URL and authentication.
 +<note> Notifier can notify about more than 1 event in a single batch if more events of same type are received within short time period. </note>
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