User Mappings

The User Mappings administrative section allows you to control the mappings between accounts on the CRM and accounts in CPQ. This sections shows the mappings that have been created already between the CRM and CPQ.
The first time a user logs into the CRM then accesses CPQ through the custom link created in the opportunity, they are asked to log into CPQ. Once logged into CPQ, a mapping is created between their CRM account and the CPQ account they logged in as. In the future when they access CPQ through the custom link in the opportunity, they are not asked to log into CPQ. This mapping created between the two user accounts is managed in the User Mappings administrative section. So make sure that users are actually able to log in for the first time. (Don't set them as inactive in administration). If they ever become inactive, they won't be able to access CPQ from CRM any more.

User Mappings

The User Mapping admin section can be accessed by clicking the link under the CRM Integration Setup admin menu. The section lists every user in the system. Users with mappings already defined display the mapped CRM user in the second column. Other users without a mapping show nothing in this column.
To delete, a mapping between a CPQ user account and a CRM user account, click . This breaks the mapping and forces that CRM user to log into CPQ the next time they access CPQ through the custom link created in the opportunity.
To edit a mapping or add a mapping between two user accounts, click . The CPQ user you’ve edited will be the only user available to edit. The field will not allow you to edit the CPQ user. Likewise, if you are editing an existing mapping, you will be unable to modify the CRM user involved in the mapping.

User Mappings - Edit

To change the CRM user involved in the mapping, click the CRM Lookup link. This displays the search results of what is entered in the search field. Leave the search field empty to return all the users in the search results. Select the CRM user you would like mapped with the CPQ user. Once the mapping is defined, the user will not be required to log in to CPQ after clicking the custom link in the opportunity.

CRM users can be used in only one mapping with a CPQ user. The system will not save the mapping if the CRM user is being used with another CPQ user.
Also, before you rename user in CRM, a mapping in CPQ should be removed, and then user remapped.

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