Global Customers

Global customers are customers managed by administrators. They can be visible by all users, but by default are not visible to any users. Visibility rules can be created to make global customers available to users. For more information on global customer visibility see the chapter on Global Customer Visibility. Global customers are managed through the link under Customers/Customer Role admin menu. The global customers administration screen allows user to edit or delete existing global customers (Figure A).

Figure A - Global Customers Administration

Adding a new global customer is possible by clicking the Add New button (Figure B). Standard fields are available when defining the customer. Fields such as Address, City, ZIP, and Country are required because these fields are most often used in visibility rules. If the Company entered has a CRM account associated with it then the CRM Account ID and/or CRM Contact ID can be entered.

Figure B - Global Customers - Add

You can also fill out the Bill to Role custom fields and End User Role custom fields (Figure C) that will appear on the Customer Info tab in the quote. To define them and decide what fields will appear on the Global Customers section in the Setup and on the Customer Info tab in the quote go to the Customer Custom Fields Help page. Global customers cannot be edited on the Customer Info tab via the Bill To Role and End User Role, only via the Ship To Role.

Figure C - Bill to Role and End User Role custom fields

To find the CRM ID for either field, click CRM Lookup. The resulting pop-up window will display the results of the CRM Lookup Search. The pop-up window will display the results of the CRM Lookup Search. When CRM item is chosen from the window, the ID field is automatically populated with the CRM ID. Leave the search field blank to display all the CRM items, accounts or contacts.

The administrative user must be defined in the CRM Administrator Account in order for the CRM lookup search to work correctly.

Ensure the Active field is checked to allow the customer to be available to those users with visibility rights. This field can be helpful if user would like to deactivate a customer without deleting the data altogether.

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