Postal code look-up

In order to use Postal code lookup feature, you will need to set up parameters in SAP CPQ Administration and also you will need the licence from Postcode Anywhere (

Go to Application Parameters in SAP CPQ Setup and click Shopping Cart and Quotes tab. Following application parameters should be populated in order to use this feature:

  • Postcode lookup type
  • International postcode anywhere WS URL
  • Postcode anywhere account code
  • Postcode anywhere licence key

Choose Postcode look-up provider - 'Postcode Anywhere' from drop-down list or leave “None” if you do not want to use this feature. You will need to have Postcode Anywhere licence and then you should enter account code and licence key into appropriate application parameters. This information is obtained from Postcode Anywhere, the application that provides postal code look-up.

Save parameters and exit setup.

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