Delegation of Authority

When delegating authority for a setup feature to SAP CPQ users, you allow them to manage features that are usually available only to administrators. This way users become local administrators for specific setup functionalities. In companies where a local administrator manages a part of setup, the process is optimized and the turnaround is faster. Also, limiting data access to local administrators enhances its security.


In a XYZ Company with offices around the globe, there are a number of administrators distributed per countries and regions. An office in Sweden has monthly special offers for specific customer groups, so they require different pricebooks regularly. The administrator cannot handle all the requests for importing new pricebooks in time, so he delegates authority for managing pricebooks to a user located in the Swedish office. The process is now more optimized as the local administrator can upload new pricebooks into the application almost in real time.

In the Delegation of Authority section in Setup, users can be delegated authority to manage:

Users can access the pages for managing specific setup features in the menu available when clicking their username in the top bar.

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