Ability to Manage Documents

When you delegate authority for managing documents to a permission group, the pertaining users will be able to create and upload local document templates and content documents in SAP CPQ. If needed, each user will also be able to share templates with the members of their own company. To delegate authority for managing documents, go to Setup > Delegation of Authority > Ability to Manage Documents.

The logic between permission groups is OR, so the system will delegate authority for managing documents to all users that belong to at least one of the selected permission groups.

If you wish to enable users pertaining to the selected permission groups to upload content files that are used in templates uploaded by application administrators, select the Users from selected permission groups will be able to upload content files used in templates uploaded by application administrator checkbox.

Users who are delegated authority for managing document templates will have the Manage Document Templates page available in the user pages. When creating a new template, define it in the Template Definition tab according to the instructions for creating templates described in Document Generation Template. Users can select Share with users from my company and brand to expand access to the template to other users in their company.
In the Additional Fields tab, you define which content files will be added to the template.

The system will include the additional files into the generated template only if these two tags are properly added in the template: INCLUDE_DOCUMENTS and INCLUDE_DOCUMENTS_END.

Users can also make the following adjustments:

  • Include file(s) for each quote item - select it to add files for each quote item.
  • Included File(s) - enter the name of the file (with file extension) that will be added to the generated document, or define the formula that will dynamically pull the file name from elsewhere in the application. The files should be placed in Manage Content Documents.
  • File Description - define a description that will be shown to users, or a formula that will generate a description dynamically.
  • File Selection - select Check Boxes to allow multiple selection of files that will be included in the generated file. Alternatively, select Radio Buttons to restrict the selection to only one file.
  • Separate files with page break - selected by default so that the system would make a page break after every added file.
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