Communication Links

There is a possibility to customize collaboration link that each user sees among header links on CPQ client side. Image below shows the place where collaboration link appears in CPQ:

Each User Class can have its own collaboration link. Refer to userclasses help page for more info on how to set up user classes. Collaboration Links are being set up from Admin → General → Collaboration Links page. On that page, administrator can add one customizable link per each user class, plus a default link for users that don't belong to other user classes.

Link for default user class can't be deleted - it's always present in the system, and it applies to all users not belonging to other user classes. Although it can't be deleted, it can be set to be invisible.


Figure A - Link Details

The image above shows a list of defined links. First link, labeled as (default) user class is the default link.


Figure B - Edit Link Details

The image above shows how to edit collaboration link. Please note that most of the fields are parse-able, so user can use standard CPQ tags in those links. There is a syntax builder button next to each parse-able field.

“User Class” is the only required field. It defines to which user class this link applies to. “Link Label” field defines how link will be presented to users. “Link Hint” field holds tool tip that will be shown to customers when they hover it with mouse pointer. “Link URL” field defines where links will point to. For example, to use CPQ customer portal, use link like this one:

../CustomerPortal.aspx?first=<*CTX( Visitor.Username )*>&email=<*CTX( Visitor.Email )*>&phone=<*CTX( Visitor.Phone )*>&fax=<*CTX( Visitor.Fax )*>&address.street=<*CTX( Visitor.Address1 )*>&<*CTX( Visitor.City )*>&last=<*CTX( Visitor.LastName )*>&stateName=<*CTX( Visitor.State )*>&countryName=<*CTX( Visitor.Country)*>&<*CTX( Visitor.ZipCode )*>

Notice that CPQ customer portal receives various parameters, such as first name, email, phone number, street address, etc.

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