A dictionary in SAP CPQ contains a set of keys and their values that are applicable on tenant level. Keys are only used in the code to reference key values that are visible in the application and refer mainly to UI content (button labels, tooltips, etc.).
The system distinguishes two types of dictionaries:

  • System - there is a system dictionary in SAP CPQ for each supported language. System dictionaries cannot be changed and no keys can be added. You can only compare and export system dictionaries. These dictionaries are uploaded by default on all new tenants. If your business model does not require creating custom key/value pairs, you do not need to manage dictionaries at all. The system dictionaries are managed and updated by the SAP CPQ team and administrators have no authorization to change them.
  • Custom - dictionaries that administrators create. Custom dictionaries are best to be used for overriding key values in default dictionaries. Administrators are advised not to change the existing keys or add new ones as this will require additional configuration in SAP CPQ so that the system could recognize them.

More details on dictionaries and how-to procedures are described in the following sections:

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