Discount Priorities

Priorities set the choices available in Pricing/Calculations » Discounting Priorities. The ranking sets the order in which each are executed, with ranking 1 being the highest priority. Setting Ranking to 0 is equivalent to disabling the section. Fields displayed to the left have the highest priority.
For example, the fields User and User Group in the Discounting/Multiplier administrative section can be modified. If User Group is set as a higher priority than User then any discounting rules set to a user’s group will have priority over any discounting rules set individually for the user. Labels can also be changed for each of the different fields. This allows unique names to be used for each company needs.

Priorities are defined on the Global Level, for all categories and products and cannot be defined for the particular category or product.

Selecting Discounting Priorities under Pricing/Calculations we get a page as shown in picture bellow:


Figure A - Discount Priorities Admin

In the following example we define Priority Rules for Pricing/Calculations » Discounts/Multipliers:


Figure B - Priority Rules
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