Once currency factors have been entered, Market Definitions need to be defined. Market Definition factors are multiplied by the calculated currency to get the final price. Market Definitions can be defined by clicking the Market link under the Pricing/Calculations menu.


Figure A - Market List

Here Market Definitions can be Copied, Deleted, or Edited by clicking the respective symbol to the left of the Market Code. To create a new Market Definition click Add New at the top. This brings up a blank definition screen.


Figure B - Add New Market

Every field is required and needs to be filled in order to save the definition. The Market Code is returned with the tag <*MCODE*> which can then be used with an AUX or XWS tag to access additional information from another source. Market Name is used to identify the Market Definition. When a user selects the Market in the cart or on their user page, the Market Name is used for the selection. Currency Sign is the currency that, once calculated, will be multiplied by the Market Factor to get the final price calculation.
The Currency factor for the European Monetary Union (EUR) is set to 0.95 and a Market Factor using EUR is set to 1.2. If the total cart amount comes to $2000, then this amount will be multiplied by the EUR conversion rate (0.95) then by the Market Factor (1.2) to get €1656. This is the final price calculation.
Once a Market has been defined, it is not visible until a user has been given permission to see the Market. This is handled in Market Visibility.

When SAP CPQ is integrated with SAP Subscription Billing, you can select a timezone for a market. The contract duration and the start and end dates of the subscription product are observed as midnight in the timezone specified for the market assigned to that product.

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