State Sales Tax


This feature enables admin to define state tax percentage that will be applied when calculating quote amount. Admin has the option to define tax calculation based on the state found in the Ship To role, to define formula that will calculate state tax percentage or to make the tax field editable in the quote.

Set up Tax calculation based on Ship To state

Tax percentages can be entered for states in Canada and the US. To modify or add a tax percentage for a state, click the State Tax link under the Pricing/Calculations menu.


Figure A - State Sales Tax Administration

Tax percentages can be Deleted or Edited by clicking the or buttons next to the State Name. To add a new state tax click Add New at the top of the screen.


Figure B - Add New States Sales Tax

To create a new tax, on this screen, select the state and then enter the percentage that will be associated with that state. All the states in the United States and Canada are available in the State Name dropdown box. Click Save to save the state sales tax.
Once created, state taxes are added to the quote/cart total. The state percentage used on the quote is determined by the state entered in the Ship to Address. Once a state is chosen for the Ship to address on the Customer Info tab of the quote, the related percentage is added to the total amount.
State tax allows for a general tax to be associated with each state. If more specific tax is required within each state, the use of an external web service (XWS) may be necessary. With this function, complete and updated sales tax information within each state is available.

Set up formula for state tax calculation

The result of the formula calculation will override the percentage calculated based on Ship To state (table in the previous screen).If formula is left empty, tax will be calculated based on table values

By clicking on button 'State Tax Formula' user can define formula for state tax. On the user side when calculating tax, value that is obtained based on this formula will override table values.


Figure C - State Tax Formula

If user wants to obtain value from the State Tax table and use it in your formula, he can use the tag- <*CTX( Global.Tax.State(<*CTX( Quote.Customer(ShipTo).StateAbbrev )*>) )*>

Set up editable tax field for users

If you want to make state tax field editable for your users, you need to set up cart fields 'Total - Tax Amount' and/or 'Total - Tax Percent' to be editable in the quote. It can be done through Cart Fields Administration Adding/Removing Editable Fields

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