Guided Selling

Guided Selling Product Search enables users to conduct an attribute-based search of products in Catalog. This is done by narrowing a Catalog product list based on previously selected attributes/characteristics.

Before you go on to create any Guided Selling Product you should create a new Product Configuration Template that will use the GudedSellingSearch.xsl XSL transformation for the responder. This is a special XSLT that you should use only on the Guided Selling Product configuration templates. Also, you must tick the Guided Selling Template checkbox. Such templates will appear only when editing Guided Selling Products and on the Configuration Layout tab. Non-Guided Selling Templates will be available only for regular Catalog products, but not for Guided Selling Models.

To define a Guided Product Search model, go to Setup>Product Catalog>Guided Selling and click Add New. This will open a Product Definition similar to the Product Setup but with fewer details and more options for Guided Selling.
Every time a guided selling product (Product Definition tab) is opened via Setup > Product Catalog > Guided Selling (in both Quote 1.0 and Quote 2.0 engines), the LoadCpqPermissionsFromDb action is logged in the Developer Console. The action is logged when the system loads the users’ visibility permissions for the guided selling.

When you select attributes and values users should be able to search by other Catalog products. Add attributes to the model.

For each Guided Selling attribute admin has four choices:

  • Use this attribute as search criteria - When this is selected, guided selling will return products that contain attribute value that is selected by the user for this attribute and will remove any product that does not have the attribute value from the search criteria. For example: if Attribute “Memory” is selected to be used as search criteria, and when user selects “1 Gb” of memory when using the guided selling, SAP CPQ will return all the products that have the “1 Gb” value available in the “Memory” attribute.
  • Don’t use this attribute as search criteria - This attribute will not drive the product selection logic at all. Typically, you can use it to modify available options on other attributes that do contribute to search by using rules.
  • Use this attribute as optional in search criteria - When this is selected, guided selling will return products that have the attribute value that is selected by the user for this attribute, but will also return products that don’t have this value selected, if they satisfy other search criteria (based on other attributes). However, the optional attribute cannot be the only criteria for filtering products. SAP CPQ will not return any results if only the optional attribute is selected by the user. For example: We have two attributes in our guided selling product: “Memory” and “Hard Drive”. “Memory” is optional, “Hard Drive” is required. End user picks “1 Gb” for the “Memory” but SAP CPQ returns 0 results (optional attribute can’t be the only criteria for search). User then selects “500 Gb” as the value for the “Hard Drive” attribute. The system returns all the products that have “500 Gb” value available for Hard Drive, and also any products that have “1 Gb” value available for Memory. However, it will also return products that don’t have “1 Gb” Memory available – as the “Memory” is optional attribute in the search and does not enforce filtering.
  • Use only to determine which categories to consider in search criteria - When an attribute is designated to be a search criteria for Categories, you will get a chance to enter which Category from the Catalog will correspond to which value on this attribute. On user side, based on selected values in this attribute, SAP CPQ will search the catalog for products only on the categories that correspond to selected values for this attribute. If no values are selected, or if you don’t have an attribute like this, SAP CPQ will search the entire catalog. You don’t have to have this type of attribute in guided selling. An example: Admin added three attribute values to the attribute “Category Filter” and flagged it as “use only to determine which categories to consider in search criteria”. The attribute values that admin added are: “Hardware”, “Software” and “Services”. He then associates these attribute values with the following categories, respectively: “Hardware”, “Software packages”, “Our Service offerings”. On the user side, when user chooses the value “Software” for this attribute, SAP CPQ will only perform guided selling search in the “Software packages” category. User could select more than one (if the UI type of the attribute is set in such way). If user did not select any value, SAP CPQ would search the entire catalog.

Choose the order by which you will be making the selection of attribute values in Configurator and make sure appropriate Layout Templates are available for selection.

Go to Catalog on the User Side, and open the category your product belongs to. A Guided Selling drop-down menu will pop up on the right hand side where you will select your model.

When users click View Products a catalog containing the products will open up.

There is an application parameter that controls how product details will be calculated during Guided Selling Search. It defines several levels of calculations – faster methods have more limitations and cannot parse complex price formulas, while full parsing will compute the price but in a much slower way. This can be changed in a Catalog Loading Attribute Based Search application parameter (General>Application Parameters>Product Catalog).

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