Messages in product configuration

Messages may be displayed to users either in configurator (e.g. in attribute labels) or in responder.

They may also be used to enforce product business rules because if displayed, they may render product incomplete.

Messages are similar to product rules - they both have a condition that is evaluated against the current product configuration. If message condition evaluates to 1 (true), this message may be displayed in the responder, and/or product configuration may be rendered incomplete.
Message conditions are evaluated after product rules have been executed (after user selects an attribute, product rules are executed followed by message condition evaluation).

In order to retrieve message text (and use it e.g. in attribute labels), tag <*CTX(Product.Validation(message name))*> should be used. This tag shouldn't be used in product rules because it may return incorrect values due to execution dependency between rules and message evaluation.
Message can be displayed in the responder and in the attribute label (via tag) at the same time.

In order to translate content of product message, syntax {{Dictionary_Key}} can be used. This will retrieve value from selected dictionary with key Dictionary_Key.

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