Attribute Values as Line Items

The purpose of this feature is to enable easy way for admin to support use case where some attribute values are marked as line items while some are not.

If attribute is marked as line item, for each value there will be a flag that will define whether this value is displayed as line item when it is selected and when its extended price (Price * Quantity) is zero.

  • Price is calculated for particular attribute value.
  • Quantity can be either computed (inherited from attribute) or entered by user (if user can enter quantity for this attribute)


In CPQ Setup → General → Application Parameters → Configurator, set application parameter:

  • “Allow attribute value to be listed as line item even if its extended price is zero” to TRUE

In PSWProduct Setup Wizard, tab 3, there should be a column ‘List as line item when price is zero’ (it should be third in the row – next to Value Code).

When attribute is not marked as line item, this column is not displayed.

If value of application parameter ‘Allow attribute value to be listed as line item even if its extended price is zero (default behavior)’ is TRUE, check boxes will be selected for each attribute value when setting attribute as line item. If parameter value is FALSE, check boxes will not be selected.

Admin will be able to override parameter value for each check box.

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