Attribute Translations Export/Import

To translate multiple attributes easily in one Excel file, go to Import/Export > Attribute Translations Export/Import. On this page you can select individual attributes or an entire attribute type to export, update their translations in the Excel file and import the file in SAP CPQ.

  1. In Step 1, select the attributes to export.
    • Select by Attribute Name - enter a search term or specific attribute names. All attributes that match the search term will be exported.
    • Select by Attribute Type - select an attribute type and pertaining attributes will be exported.
      Combining two search queries is also possible (e.g. attributes with Color in their name that pertain to the attribute type Container).
  2. In Step 2, select the languages to export.
  3. Click one of these export buttons:
    • Export Attributes Translation - exports translations for all attribute types except Container.
    • Export Containers Translation - exports translations only for Container attributes.
      An Excel file is downloaded to your computer. Attribute IDs, default names and translations in the selected languages, if defined, are displayed in the file. Also, a separate sheet contains attribute values with corresponding translations. If Container attributes are exported, the file contains separate sheets for translating container columns, properties and validation messages.
  4. Update attribute translations in the dedicated columns.
  5. In Step 3, upload the Excel file.
    The button on the right is for uploading files with container attribute translations and the button on the left for files with all other attribute types.
    • Click
    • Browse for your file.
      The name of the selected file shows in the bar.
    • Click Apply Template.
      A success message displays.
      Otherwise, if the import file contains invalid records, an error message pops up.
    • Click Import report.
      Invalid records are marked in red and errors are described in the Error column.

When you or your underlying users select a language in SAP CPQ, if translations were imported for the attributes, the system will display them in the Catalog.

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