Discontinuing or Replacing Simple Products

This feature allows you to add various status updates to the products, such as obsolete, replaced and not supplied. This means that discontinued products will appear in the catalog but users will not be able to flag them and put them in the cart. We introduced the ability to add various statuses to prevent confusion among users who would flag discontinued products and attempt to put them in the cart. With this feature companies no longer have to notify users that the product isn't available anymore. It also enables companies to offer replacements for obsolete products.

Note that this feature does not apply for simple products that are part of configurable or parent-child products.

To learn how to make a simple product obsolete, and replace it with another product, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Click Products in the Product Catalog submenu of the Setup page and find the product you plan to make obsolete (Figure 1.1).
  • Click the Edit icon and scroll down to Permissions and Effectivity dates folder (Figure 1.2).
  • Select if your product is Discontinued or Replaced from the Product End of Life Status drop-down menu.
  • If you select Replacement, a text-entry box will pop up on the right-hand side (Figure 1.3). Click the magnifying glass icon to view a list of possible replacement products. Find your replacement product and click the green arrow pointing leftward (Figure 1.4).
  • Select the effective Start Date after which the product will no longer be available.
  • Select the effective End Date by which the product will not be available.
  • Click Save or click Reset to invalidate entered data.

You have now made the product obsolete. Exit Setup and follow the steps outlined below to see what your obsolete product looks like on the user side.

  • Click New Quote and enter the name of your obsolete product in the Search field (Figure 1.5).
  • If your product has been discontinued the following message will appear: “This product is no longer available and has been discontinued (Figure 1.6 and Figure 1.8).”
  • If your product has been replaced a link to Product Replacement will appear. Click the link and click Add to Quote to finish quoting (Figure 1.7 and Figure 1.9).

Figure 1.6 and figure 1.7 shows this feature in action while using classic SAP CPQ design.

Figure 1.6 - Classic SAP CPQ design. Product discontinued.

Figure 1.7 - Classic SAP CPQ design. Product replaced.
Figure 1.8 and figure 1.9 shows this feature in action while using responsive SAP CPQ design.

Figure 1.8 - Responsive SAP CPQ design. Product discontinued.

Figure 1.9 - Responsive SAP CPQ design. Product replaced.
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