Product Versions


The purpose of this feature is to enable admins to create product versions, modify it and then activate it. Meanwhile, the original product remains intact and is normaly used in SAP CPQ. Admin is now able to decide when to activate new product version or to roll-back to previous product version if new one is corrupted for some reason.

Set up a new product version

Follow next steps to create a new product version.

Go to SetupProduct CatalogProducts
Click on the Product Version action (See figure A).

Figure A - New product version action

When you click on this action, new table with all product versions for the selected product is displayed. (See figure B).

Figure B - Product versions

There are a few self-descriptive options in the product versions table.
Edit product data column contains actions for product version manipulation. You can delete, edit or translate a product version. If you click on action edit, then standard SAP CPQ product set up page is open. Here you can modify this version as you want and save changes.
Also, you can delete or translate product version. If you click on delete action, the system checks if there is any quote that contains this product version and if so, it will not delete the version and informs the user. Otherwise, system will delete that version of the product.

You can add, activate, edit, preview, configure or check product details for the product version by clicking on the appropriate link or button on the product versioning page.

Column Base Version displays information about the product version that you have created your version from. For example, if your active version (base version) is version number 3, then when you create a new version, that new version will be copied from version 4.

If you click on Create New Version button, pop for creating new version is displayed (See figure C). You can edit version number or accept the one that SAP CPQ offers, and you can input some description.

Figure C - Adding new Product version

When you edit product from SetupProduct CatalogProducts, currently active version is loaded.

Set upgrade workflow options

In the workflow edit page (SetupWorkflow/ApprovalWorkflow) there are two options for cart actions (See figure D):

  1. Prompt Users For Update to New Product Versions
  2. Automatically Update Items to New Product Version
  3. Disable action if Quote has incomplete items

If you check the first option (Prompt Users For Update to New Product Versions) for some quote action (e.g. Edit), then, when you execute the action, SAP CPQ displays informational message that there is a new product version available for some items and requires confirmation from you whether to update those items or not.
If you confirm, then system upgrades all appropriate items and proceeds with action execution. Otherwise, system continues with action execution without upgrading items to the new version.

Figure E - Prompt User for Update to new product version

If you check a second option (Automatically Update Items to New Product Version) then, when you execute action for which the option is selected, system automatically upgrades all items to their new product versions if a new version is available.
If you select Disable action if Quote has incomplete items users won’t be able to trigger a selected quote action until all products in the quote are configured.

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