Product Editor

The Product Editor is a tool available to help make product creation quick and straight forward. Within this one administrative section a product can be defined entirely.

The user can create products in different display types. See Product Display Types for more information.
Each tab has help bubbles with short descriptions or helpful hints. Rolling the cursor over the help bubble will displays the description.
Beside some fields is a tool icon. When clicked, the Code Builder window will be displayed where expressions can be built from SAP CPQ tags. For more information on expressions and the code builder see the chapter on Tags and Expressions and the chapter on the Code Builder.

The Product Definition tab and the Configuration Layout tab have Reset and Save buttons.resetsave.jpg

Clicking the Reset button displays Product Definition and clears all entered fields. Once the required fields (highlighted with an asterisk (*)) are filled, the Save button can be clicked at any time to finish the wizard and create the product. Going from tab to tab will also automatically save changed in the previous tab if anything was changed.

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