Bulk Deletion

The Bulk Deletion administrative section allows users to safely and easily delete other user’s, their quotes, or their customers. This is a good way to clean up the system database by deleting old users, along with their quotes and customers. To access Bulk Deletion, choose the link from under the Quotes admin menu.


Figure A - Bulk Deletion

From the Bulk Deletion start page, user can choose whether you would like to delete a user and their quotes or delete local and global customers in the system.

Delete customer(s)

A customer cannot be deleted if there are quotes associated with them. Make sure that all quotes associated with the customer are deleted.

The Delete customer(s) section allows deleting a user’s customers or global customers. To delete a user’s local customers, select their name from the drop down list. To delete global customers, choose Global Customers from the drop down. Next, check the customers you would like to delete then click the Delete button.


Figure B - Delete Customers - Bulk

Delete user(s) and or their cart(s)

Before user deletes other user’s account, it is important that user delete that user’s customers first. Users cannot be deleted if they are the administrator of a company, an approval parent, managing parent, ordering parent, or have customers associated with their account.

The Delete user(s) and/or their cart(s) section allows deleting a user’s account or a user’s quotes, or both. Check the users in which you would like to delete. The left checkbox will delete the user’s account from the system, while the right checkbox will the delete only that user’s quotes.


Figure C - Delete Users - Bulk

Deleting the user’s account will automatically delete that user’s quotes as well. If you wish to keep the user’s quotes and still delete the user, then reassign the quotes to another user then delete the user’s account. Deleting a user’s quotes, though, will keep the user’s account intact.

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