Document Generation

Document Generation allows users to transfer quote details to documents that can be printed, downloaded and emailed. This feature allows administrators to create document templates with tags that retrieve specific quote details. Users, on their side, can generate documents based on those templates. The format and style of the resulting printable document, including fonts, colors, and images, is entirely based on the layout of the document template. Once users create a quote, they often need to email the details to customers for further review. The Document Generation feature provides a practical solution for that, while providing administrators with sufficient autonomy to define the format and the style of the document. Users can generate simple documents with only one section, as well as section documents to be later included in multi-section documents.

For data to be displayed in generated documents, you need to enter dedicated tags in the template. Each tag can retrieve any specific quote details, configuration, customer or user-related information that is meant to be displayed in the output document. The list of all tags and a detailed explanation with examples is in the Document Generation Tags section. Alternatively, you can use the standard CTX tags instead of quote template tags to retrieve data.

If you need to create templates with basic quote details and you do not have experience with document generation tags, use the Template Creation Tool.

In addition to tags, you can also insert any object that Microsoft Word supports into a Microsoft Word template, such as an image or another document file (which can be another document template). Administrators can configure document templates in Setup > Quotes > Document Generation Templates. This feature owes its flexibility to the fact that administrators can define the visibility and format permissions, as well as select additional fields and documents to be included in the generated document. Additionally, administrators can enable users to administer templates on the user side.

The following sections describe document generation engines and provide how-to procedures for administering the feature:

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