Miscellaneous Tags

This page lists various tags that don't belong to any of the categories:

  • <<INCLUDE_DOCUMENTS(DocumentName.pdf)>> and <<INCLUDE_DOCUMENTS_END>> - includes a PDF file in the generated document. First, you need to upload the document in Manage Content Documents. Afterwards, in the Additional Files tab of your template, enter the name of the PDF file with its extension.
  • <<UPDATE_TOC>> - updates the table of contents in the document after the document is processed.
  • EVAL [EVAL(…)] EVAL function treats an expression as a VBScript call, evaluates it and returns the result. When writing EVAL in Word, the program uses two sets of different quotation marks, open-ended (“) and closed-ended (”). VBScript expects the same set (” ”) and will not evaluate the expression when two different sets are entered. To prevent this from happening, type the expression in Notepad and copy paste it to Word.

To remove ”,” from a price 12,345.99 returned by <<C_PRICE>> : [EVAL(Replace(+~:
<$$C_PRICE»”,”,”,””))]. In the above example <<C_PRICE>> will be processed first resulting in [EVAL(Replace(“12,345,99”,”,”,””))]. Once EVAL is processed it will return 12345.99.

  • HTML [HTML(…)] HTML tag takes the content and interprets is as HTML and inserts it in the document. For example, [HTML(<<C_DESC>>)] . If <<C_DESC>> returns <a href=“http://www.webcominc.com”>Webcom, Inc.</a>, the link will be inserted in the document. If there is any text before or after the HTML tag, the HTML content will be inserted in a new paragraph right before it. For example: text before - [HTML(<<C_DESC>>)] - text after. Will result in: html returned content text before - - text after. To include static text and have it on same line, just simply put it inside HTML tag. [HTML(text before - <<C_DESC>> - text after)]

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