Template Creation Tool

The Template Creation Tool lets you create templates with basic document tags so you do not need to add them manually. The tool is convenient for administrators who need simple templates and who do not have experience working with document generation tags. The Template Creation Tool is not available for multi-section templates.
Prerequisite: to have a simple or a section template created.

  1. Go to Setup > Document Generation Templates.
    The page opens.
  2. Edit or create a simple or section template.
  3. Click Template Creation Tool.
    A pop-up displays with two sections: Sample Templates and Template Tag Builder. In Sample Template, you can download and preview systematic templates. If needed, these templates can additionally be formatted, you can add and remove tags.
  4. Click in the Template Tag Builder section.
    The Document Template Builder window pops up.
  5. In Step 1, select what data you want to display in the document.
    1. Expand the Select Data to be included in the document template section.
      You can select the following quote header data:
      1. Quote Number
      2. Date Modified
      3. Date Create
      4. Tax
      5. Subtotal
      6. Total
      7. Bill To data (Contact Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Company)
      8. Ship To data (Contact Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Company)
      9. End User data (Contact Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Company).
        If you select Address for Bill to, Ship to and End users, the system includes in the template tags for address 1, address 2, city, state, zip code and country.
      10. Custom Fields
      11. Product Type
        To select multiple custom fields and product types, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while selecting.
    2. Expand the Select Additional Content Documents you wish to insert into your template section.
      A table displays all documents uploaded in Manage Content Documents that you can include in the generated document.
    3. Select a file.
    4. Expand the Create Tags for Conditional Data/File inclusion/insertion section.
      Here, you can optionally create conditions under what the data you selected in the first section is displayed in the generated document.
      1. Select a tag in Left Value.
        Only tags related to the selected data are displayed in the drop-down list.
      2. Select an operator.
        The conditions can only check if the data is equal (=) or not equal (not =).
      3. In Right Value(s), enter the value that the system needs to check.
      4. Click Add Condition.
        The condition displays in the Conditions column.
      5. (Optional) Repeat the previous steps to add multiple conditions.
        You can remove a condition by clicking .
    5. Expand the Select Product Data for quoted items you wish to insert into your template section.
    6. Click Add Product Data Section.
      The New Product Data Section window pops up.
      The tags selected here display in a C2 tag that loops through all items in the quote.
      1. Select whether the data is displayed in a table in the document:
        1. Select Show data as a table.
          These fields display:
          1. Number of columns - select in how many columns the data is displayed.
          2. Header - displays for each column. Enter the name of the column.
          3. Product data tags - click Select Product Data. Select the product-related tags and attributes (to select multiple attributes, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while selecting.). Containers cannot be displayed in the tabular view.
          4. Footer - click Add Row and enter the text that displays in the footer.
        2. Select Don’t show data as a table.
          Only the Product data tags field is available in the non-tabular view. Click Select Product Data. Select the product-related tags and attributes (to select multiple attributes, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while selecting.). You can also select containers (select a container and then select pertaining columns).
        3. Select the additional data:
          1. Show only items of product type - select product types that you want to be displayed. By default, all product types are displayed.
          2. Only show items not marked as optional - only item types other than optional are displayed (base, alternative and variant).
          3. Only show items marked as optional - only optional items are displayed.
        4. Click Add Section.
    7. Repeat the previous step to add multiple sections in the template.
      To remove sections, click .
  6. In Step 2, click Generate Tags Document.
  7. Click Download Tags Document.
    A document with all the tags you selected in the previous steps is downloaded.
    You can now either delete the descriptions in the generated template and proceed with the upload, or copy and paste only the tags into another document.
    Check the Document Generation Tips and Tricks page to avoid any possible issue with generating your document.

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