Images for Quote Actions


The purpose of this feature is to enable images for quote actions so that users can easily spot them.

User Side

In quote, depending on value of application parameter,actions will be displayed with images. Actions will be sorted by sort order (actions with empty sort order field will be displayed at the end). If actions have empty sort order (applicable for all existing clients), quote actions will be displayed in the same order as before. Some actions will always be displayed and some will be collapsed.

Figure A


There will also be a flag (application parameter) – ‘Display images for quote actions’. When this flag is selected, users will see quote actions in the quote. Default value for flag will be FALSE.

Figure B

Admin will be able to edit action. When he clicks on ‘Edit’, he will be able to change :

  • Action name
    • required field
  • Sort Order (within quote)
  • Primary action
    • Include info icon : Flag decides whether action is displayed always to users (cannot be hidden by clicking on ‘Collapse’ button)
  • Image
    • Admin will be able to upload image for quote action
Figure C
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