Quick Config (also referred to as Reverse Search )

The purpose of the Quick Config functionality is to provide a shortcut for searching and configuring the configurable product at the same time.

This is achieved by entering a part number and attribute values that you would like to configure for the particular product. If your search query matches the search pattern for that product (previously defined through SAP CPQ setup by administrator), then SAP CPQ finds your product, preselects attributes that you stated in your search query and finally adds product to the quote.

In classic design, the Quick Config field is located at the right side of the main menu. In responsive design it is located in the quote.

If you are using classic design quick config, you should choose “Part Number Search” from the dropdown, type your search term and click on search button (See figure A).

Figure A - Quick Config in classic design

If you are using responsive design you should enter the quote, type your search term and click on the “gear” button at the right side (See figure B).

Figure B - Quick Config in responsive design

To make the next example applicable, make sure that parameter Setup → General → Application Parameters → tab General Parameters → “Optimize Part Number Search For Simple Products” has its value set to false. This parameter must be set to true only if you want to search simple products. If this parameter is turned on, then Cat Matching table search is ommited, and search is only performed against products table


This example explains how to set up a Quick Config for the product. It also demonstrates this functionality in action.
Steps for administrator to create a product that will be searchable by Quick Config.

1. Go to SAP CPQ Setup → Products and add a new configurable product named: Mercedes Benz w204 C class

2. Define three attributes for this product as follows:

attribute Color with four possible values: gray, black, white, red
attribute Fuel with two possible values: petrol, diesel
attribute Equipment with four possible values: classic, elegance, avantgarde, amg

3. Create a part number as follows: mercedes-c-w204-<*VALUE(Color)*>-<*VALUE(Fuel)*>-<*VALUE(Equipment)*>. (See figure C)

Figure C Adding new product

Note that, this way, you defined a dynamic part number that depends on selected values for three attributes.

4. Under Current product click on Code Matching item. (Figure D)

Figure D

Here define a code matching searching string that will be checked during quick config searching

5. Enter matching string as follows: mercedes-c-w204-

Figure E: Adding code matching

Note that code matching string should match a static part of part number so quick config could match it to the right product.
Now, when you are done with quick config set up you can see how it works.

In classic design type search term as follows: mercedes-c-w204-gray-diesel-classic. SAP CPQ will check if there is a product in your list of products that has this particular part number. Since there is no product with this part number, quick config search begins. In the essence, quick config will check your list of Code Matching strings to check if any code matching string matches your search term. If it is found (in our example ”mercedes-c-w204-” code matching string will be found), quick config will then check if the rest of the search term contains values of product attributes. If it contains, and values are valid (in our example they are), quick config will redirect you to the Configurator with the product configured according to your search term.

Apparently, you will get the product Mercedes Benz w204 with preselected attributes color, fuel and equipment. Their preselected values will be gray, diesel and classic, respectively.

Note that there is an assumption that each product that you want quick config to take into consideration, should have unique part numbers and code matching strings. Also, quick config must find only one product and configure it if your search term contains the appropriate, valid attrbiute values in the right order as you defined it in part number field. If the order of attributes is not good, or attribute values provided through the search term does not fit, then quick config will not be able to find the product and the appropriate message will be displayed. (See figure F).

Figure F: Quick config - no product found

If you want to add more than one products to the quote this way, you should use bulk validation feature. Here is an example how to add and configure two different products by using Bulk validation and add them to the quote.

Let's assume that there is another product named “BMW Serie 3” in our product list and that Code matching string bmw-e90-3- is defined for that product. Two attributes, color and fuel are defined and part number of this product is bmw-e90-3-<*VALUE(Color)*>-<*VALUE(Fuel)*>

Go to bulk validation and type search terms bmw-e90-3-white-petrol and mercedes-c-w204-white-petrol-elegance and click on validate button.

Figure G: Quick Config of bulk products

If you entered valid search term, quick config will find your products and offer you to add them to the quote. (See figure H)

Figure H: Quick config founds two products

You can find more information on Bulk Validation feature on this help link: Bulk Validation

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