Solution Design

The Solution Design feature enables users to organize items into sections and subsections in a separate tab on quotes. The Solution Design tab is just another view of the items that are already in the quote (if there are same items in the new tab and the Quotation tab, they are not treated as duplicates but as the same and all changes made on an item in either one of the tabs will be applied to the same item in the another tab).
Also, the calculations are upgraded to cover sections as well - currently, section calculations are available only for quote item custom fields.
This feature is available only in the Quote 2.0 engine.

Example: John is a sales lead in a furniture manufacturing company. The company applied to a call for tender for furnishing a new business complex in Stockholm. The tender proposal contains more than 1000 items (chairs, desks, coat hangers and so on) that will be distributed into 3 buildings, each with eleven floors and dozens of offices. The tender documentation contains a tender proposal form in Excel with sections for each building and subsections for floors and offices, respectively.
John uploads the Excel form in the Solution Design tab in SAP CPQ and the system creates sections in the hierarchy indicated in the file. Afterwards, John indicates which sections and subsections can contain products and inserts items either directly within the sections or from the quote.
Once the solution has been completed, John will download it in an Excel file and submit it for the tender call respecting the required form.

The following sections cover all the aspects of the Solution Design:

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