Adding and Allocating Products to Sections

You can either add products to sections from the Solution Design tab or allocate items from the Quotation tab.
The following procedure describes adding products within a section:

  1. Click next to a section.
    A search field displays.
  2. Enter the name of the product.
  3. Click Configure or Add next to the product in the list.
    The options vary depending on whether the product is simple or configurable.
    The product is either automatically added to the section or you are redirected to the configurator to first configure it.
  4. Alternatively, click to browse the product catalog for a product.
    The product is added to both the section and the quote.

Next to each item on quotes, there is the icon for allocating items. After clicking on the icon, you can find the section to which you want to allocate the item. Once an item is allocated, the icon is grayed out, but you can always click on it again and change the section.

Products in sections have the icon displayed next to them. Clicking the icon opens a dropdown list with actions that users can perform on a product:

  • make a copy of the product in the same section and also on the quote
  • delete the product from the section and from the quote
  • edit the product so that the changes are applied in both the section and on the quote - if you are editing line items, they will automatically be removed from the section. You need to go back to the quote and allocate them to the section again.
  • refresh the product so that all settings from the quote are applied on that product in the section - recommended when handling calculations in the Quotation tab.
  • move the product to a different section
  • remove the product from the section

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