Creating Sections

To enable users to create sections, you must first create a dedicated tab on quotes. Go to Setup > General > Application Parameters > Shopping Cart and Quotes and set the parameter Enable Solution Design to TRUE. A new tab, Solution Design, is automatically displayed on quotes. Alternatively, you can create the tab manually, using the implementation file /Cart/DealView implementation file (this file is not available by default. Please contact the SAP CPQ Support team to enable this for your tenant.)

There are two workflows for creating sections:

For both workflows, you need to have the Quote 2.0 engine enabled on your tenant and have the Solution Design tab created.

Creating Sections via Excel

The ability to import sections through Excel allows users to handle multiple sections easily, with minimal manual effort. This feature can be particularly useful for handling tender documentation, when there is a predefined set of sections in an Excel file that you are not allowed to change. In that case, you can upload the Excel with sections, populate them with products, handle the calculation and consequently download the Excel with values for each section.

  1. In the Solution Design tab on the quote, click Excel Template.
    An Excel file is downloaded.
    The file name contains the quote number.
  2. Populate the file with this data:
    • Hierarchy - the ordered number of sections and subsections
    • Section Name - names of sections and subsections
    • Can contain products - populate with either 1, Yes or True each section to which you wish to add products.
      If there are quote item custom fields for which users have the editing rights, they also have a dedicated column in the Excel and you can populate them with values.
    • Can be distributed - populate with either 1, Yes or True each section that you wish to distribute.
  3. Click Excel Upload and select the populated template.
    A grid displays in the tab.
    Sections and subsections are created following the hierarchy in the template.

Creating Sections via Section Builder

The UI Builder is an SAP CPQ tool for manually creating sections.

  1. In the Solution Design tab on the quote, click Section Builder.
    An empty grid displays.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter the label of the new section in the empty field.
  4. Click Save.
  5. (Optional) Add as many sections as needed.
    There are additional settings for each section:
    • - move a section to another section
    • - add a subsection under the respective section
    • - edit the section name
    • - delete the section and all children subsections. The products in the deleted sections are not deleted from the quote.
    • Can contain products - select next to each section to which you want to enable adding products.
    • Can be distributed - select next to a section that you want to distribute to other sections.
    • Assigned to - click on the assign button and select the solution teams that will have the rights to manage the section. This option is available only when there is at least one solution team in the Involved Parties tab.
  6. Click Save.
    Sections are created.

To edit the existing sections and add new ones, click above the sections grid. To download sections in an Excel file, click . The downloaded file contains the sections’ hierarchy, sections’ names and the quote item custom columns.

The button allows users to update a single quote item custom field throughout multiple sections at once. The update can be applied to all field types, but only one field can be updated at a time. After a field value is updated, all calculations defined for that field are triggered as when changing the value manually.

The button for bulk update is enabled when there is at least one editable column in sections and after a user has selected the sections in which the field will be updated.

Filtering Sections

Sections can be filtered by name (only the exact match returns results) and by the value of quote item custom fields that administrators have marked for filtering (Use column value to filter quote items is selected on the field in Setup). Also, users have the following options for filtering sections:

  • Show only my sections - displays only the sections assigned to the team the user belongs to.
  • Show Sections
    • All - displays all sections, both distribution and non-distribution.
    • Distribution - displays only sections that can be distributed.
    • Non-distribution - displays only sections that cannot be distributed.
  • Hide product items - does not display products in the filtered sections.
  • Only sections with items - displays only sections that contain product items.

The logic between filter options is AND. After a filter is applied, only the sections that match the entered criteria and their pertaining products are displayed. The applied filter is saved locally in the browser for a user and quote. If that user opens the quote in another browser or reassigns the quote, the filter will not be applied. Also, different users on the same quote can apply different filters. The applied filters display in pills above sections in the Solution Design tab and users can easily remove them, which refreshes the display of sections. Excel download is available while filters are applied and, in that case, only the filtered sections are downloaded.

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