Quote Revisions

Quote Revisions

A quote revision is a copy of the quote from which the revision was created. You can create as many revisions as needed and they do not have to be directly sourced from the master quote. All revisions with a common master quote have the same quote composite number.
When you create a quote revision, all the data from the source revision will be copied to the new revision. All the subsequent changes will not be propagated from the source quote to the revision and vice versa.
Quote revisions allow sales representatives to create multiple quote versions before the final agreement on the offer is reached. Additionally, they can track how the offer changed over time by accessing the revisions’ history.

Example: A sales representative John is creating a quote for a family looking to refurnish their kitchen. The family wishes to buy a table and a cupboard, so John creates a quote for the pieces that fit into their budget. Additionally, John creates a quote revision and adds a set of chairs that match the design of the table and the cupboard. The family likes the new offer but they think the price is a bit out of their range. John creates a new revision, changes the discount and sets the revision as active. From there on, the revision will go through the approval process and if the revision gets approved and the family accepts the offer, the deal will be closed. If new changes to the offer are needed, John will create new revisions accordingly.

Setup Prerequisites

Handling quote revisions is completely on the user side of SAP CPQ, and other than the workflow settings, no other adjustments need to be made by administrators.
First, you need to allow the user type to access the revisions-related actions. In Workflow/Approval > Workflow Permissions, allow the user type to access these actions:

  • Edit
  • View
  • Delete
  • New Active Revision
  • New Revision
  • History
  • Set Active

Also, in Workflow/Approval > Workflow, add the actions to the quote status. Secondly, in General > Application Parameters, find the parameter Available actions for Inactive Revisions and select one of these values:

  • Based on status of ACTIVE revision - users can delete and edit only the active revision. Also, when this parameter is on, you can create an active revision only from an active revision.
  • Based on status of EACH revision - users can delete and edit all revisions.

Application Parameters

Two application parameters influence the behavior of revisions:

  • Reset Quote Expiration Date on New Revision - if set to TRUE, the system resets the expiration date of every new revision. The parameter is supported by both Quote 1.0 and Quote 2.0.
  • Copy Opportunity Id On New Revision - if set to TRUE, opportunity Id is copied to every new revision of the quote. Supported only by Quote 1.0.

Details on creating revisions on user side are explained in Managing Revisions.

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