Quote Tabs

Quote tabs are used for organizing information on quotes. There are several default quote tabs which enable you to access and edit billing and shipping information, upload files to a quote and so on. You can also add new tabs if needed.

Creating a Quote Tab

Quote tabs can only be created after general tabs are created. To create a quote tab:

  1. Go to Setup > Quotes > Custom Quote Tabs.
  2. Click Add New.
    A new page is displayed.
  3. Select a tab from the Tab Name dropdown list.
    The Tab Name dropdown list shows all existing general tabs, including the ones you created.
  4. In the Type dropdown list select one of these options:
    • Implementation File: when selected, it renders an existing SAP CPQ page in the quote tab. Some of the pages are loaded in classic design only, even if you are using the responsive design. On selection, the available implementation pages display in the Implementation file dropdown list:
      • /quotation/ShippingInfo.aspx
      • /quotation/ResponsAbilityCollaboration.aspx
      • /quotation/OrderConfirmation.aspx
      • /quotation/Opportunity.aspx
      • /quotation/CustomPage.aspx
      • /quotation/Cart.aspx
      • /quotation/Attachments.aspx
        If you wish to add only custom fields to the custom quote tab, leave the Implementation File field empty. The blank custom quote tab will still be visible and it can be added to quote. You can add custom fields at any time.
    • IFrame: when selected, you can develop custom logic on your own, or connect your tab to a custom page you have developed.
      For example, you can create a new quote tab that will display key attributes. For more information on creating custom logic for retrieving and displaying key attributes, refer to this page.
  5. Enter the rank in the Rank field.
  6. Click Save.
    The page where all the custom tabs are listed is displayed.

When a quote tab is created, it will be visible on the quote. You can manage the visibility of the quote tabs on the Quote Tab Permissions page.

More Information
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