Quote Tables

SAP CPQ supports tabular structure for displaying dynamic data on Quotes. Quote Tables can be a useful resource for displaying Customer purchase history, capturing payment details, etc.


You can create a Quote Table for your users to keep a record of the payment schedule in a milestone-based quote payment. The screenshot below shows a possible table design in such a scenario.

The Total Milestones is a quote-level custom field for inputting the number of milestones for the payment of the quote total amount. Clicking Populate Milestones triggers a script that adds a row for each milestone and divides the total amount into equal installments. The date of each milestone is calculated with a month of difference, starting from the date in Payment Start Date. Any comments and notes users might have can be added in the Milestone column.
If users change an allocated amount, the unallocated amount is automatically recalculated. The unallocated amount equals to $200 in the example as the amount of the first milestone is decreased by $200. The action is triggered by the On Cell Changed script defined in Setup:

total= 0.0
cf_TotalUnassigned=Quote.GetCustomField(“Quote Total Unassigned”)
for row in tbl.Rows:
cf_TotalUnassigned.Content = “$ ” + str(Quote.Total.TotalAmountInMarket - total)

The script subtracts the total amount in all rows from the total quote amount to display the unallocated amount.

Learn how to manage quote tables in the following pages:

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