Define Table

Tables on quotes are quote-related and cannot be created for each product item. The data in the table can either be retrieved automatically from other systems and SAP CPQ or users can input/select entries for each cell. Please note that quote tables are available only in the responsive version of SAP CPQ UI.

The maximum number of rows in a quote table is 3000.

Create Table on Quote

Once created in the Setup, a quote table is visible on all quotes in the tab selected during creation. All quote tabs, except Documents, can host one or more tables, but a quote table can be located only within one tab. Table content is not shared between tables.

  1. In Setup, access Quotes > Quote Tables.
  2. Click Add New and a page with four tabs displays.
  3. Fill out the fields in Define Table:
    1. Table Label(required) - the label in the default system language that displays above the table on quotes.
    2. Table Name - populates automatically with the table label, but all special characters and spaces are replaced with an underscore. The field is editable until the table is saved. You will use the table name when referencing the table in scripts and document templates and translate it to non-default languages in the Translations section.
    3. Quote Tab to show this table on - the list of quote tabs for placing the table.
    4. Table Rank - controls the position of the table on the quote. Quote tables share ranks with quote custom fields (e.g. a quote custom field with a rank of 10 is placed before a quote table with a rank of 20 on a quote).
  4. Select Allow Search on Columns to allow users to search quote columns.
  5. Define permissions:
    1. In the Permissions section, click Add Permission.
    2. In the pop-up, select status(es) and permission group(s) to limit visibility.
      To make the table visible to all statuses and groups, opt for Select All Statuses and Select All Permission Groups, respectively. Please note that quote tables are visible in all quote statuses by default and to all permission groups when no selection is made in the Permissions pop-up.
    3. Click Add.
      The permission details display in the Permissions section and can be edited/deleted at any time. When multiple permissions are defined, the logic applied between them is OR. You can override the permissions via Iron Python scripts.
  6. Click Save.
    Please note that you need to save data in Define Table to be able to move to other tabs. The table is now created and it is shown on all quotes in the system.

Search on quote tables: Hint for your users

Different column types require different input in the search fields so correct results are displayed:

  • Attribute and Boolean columns - the search terms render in a dropdown list or with checkboxes so users can select one.
  • Date columns - users can either find a date in the on-demand calendar or input it manually.
  • Other column types - the search term needs to be keyed in. The character limit for cells in string type columns is 2000 characters per cell.

The numeric, decimal and money columns accept < and > characters to be used for “lower than” and “greater than” operations. In textual search fields, if a user enters one or two letters, the rows containing the item that starts with these letters are filtered. If more than 2 letters are entered, the system shows the items that contain the two letters, not necessarily begin with them.
After entering or selecting from a dropdown menu a search term for one column, only the rows consistent with the search remain in the table. Those rows are filtered further on when a new search term is applied in another column.

Using quote table content in output documents

The content of quote tables can be included in documents generated in SAP CPQ. To retrieve the content, use the following tags:

  • «QUOTE_TABLE(TableNameHere)»
  • «QUOTE_TABLE_HEADER» (Enter column definitions or what you want to display on header for the table).
  • «QUOTE_TABLE_COLUMN(NameOfColumnHere)» …
  • «QUOTE_TABLE_COLUMN(AnotherColumnHere)»
  • «QUOTE_TABLE_FOOTER» (Enter column totals or what you want to display on footer for the table).

The tags function outside the cart item loop tags.

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