Manage Column Groups

Columns in quote tables can be organized in groups visually represented by common group headers. Groups allow you to organize columns in logical units, so your users have a neat overview of the data.


When tracking the installment schedule plan for a product over a year, create a column for each month and group the months in four quarters.

To manage groups, access a table and go to Define Columns > Manage Columns and Column Groups. The Column Groups pop-up is divided into two sections: Column Groups and Columns (automatically populated with all columns that are not included in groups).

  1. Click Add Column Group.
  2. Define the group name and the label.
    Make sure not to use the SQL reserved words when naming columns and groups.
  3. Click Add.
    The groups display in the order they were created.
    To change the order of column groups, drag and drop them.
    To edit and delete a group, click .
  4. Click to expand the group.
  5. Drag and drop the columns from the right into the dedicated group area.
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. Click Save to save the table.

  • All columns, including those that are standalone (outside of groups), must be moved to Column Groups. Otherwise, you cannot save the group.
  • The ordering of columns and groups is set in Column Groups.
  • Once you add a column to a group, you can only move it to a different group or outside of groups, but you cannot move it back to the list of available columns.


Quote table groups are currently not exposed for scripting. To calculate the sum and average values of a group, you can use the sum and average of columns as shown in the example snippet:

table = Quote.QuoteTables['Price_Overview'] 
rows = table.Rows
for row in rows:
 sum = sum + row.GetColumnValue('January')
#sum for column January
#average for the column January (to calculate average on multiple columns, multiply rows.Count by the number of columns first)
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