Personal Data Log

Changes made to all data categorized as PII (personally identifiable information) in SAP CPQ are logged in a dedicated Personal Data Log. This enables data protection officers to filter and monitor these changes more easily. PII is logged only in Quote 1.0.

To access the Personal Data Log, go to Setup > Security > Personal Data Log.

The following data is logged here:

  • date and time of the performed action
  • the username of the administrator who performed the action
  • the performed action
  • entity type on which changes are performed (users, customers, attributes, tables and so on)
  • affected field
  • a unique ID of an entity
  • quote ID (if changes are made to quotes)
  • the old value (unless changes are made to sensitive information)
  • the new value (unless changes are made to sensitive information)

PII data can also be imported via API and the Import/Export feature. In that case, the user who performs the import is logged as the performer and there is no indication in the log that the import was done via API or Import/Export.

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