Guest User

A guest user in SAP CPQ is a user with limited access rights. For example, guest users may need to log in only to browse products in the catalog with or without making the final purchase.
The following sections describe the administrator and user side of the guest user feature:

Administrator Side

To enable the guest user feature and allow browsing through products, administrators must first make adjustments in the Setup.

User and Workflow Adjustments

The details on creating a guest user are explained in the Setting Up an Anonymous User page. Here are listed the main steps.

  • Create a user account that will be used for guest users and set the privileges for the categories and products that should be visible to guest users. Make sure that the user is active, otherwise logging will be disabled.
  • Create a company and a permission group for the guest user.
  • Set up the workflow actions and permissions. Since a guest user has limited access to SAP CPQ features, only some actions should be enabled (CheckOut, Add Item, Reprice, Save Quote and Copy).

Guest User Settings

All settings for guest users can be managed in Users > Guest User and Default User Settings > Guest User Settings. The Guest User Settings tab contains the basic settings for guest users.

  1. In Guest user, select a user.
    Any user in SAP CPQ can be selected as guest user. Make sure that the selected user is active because inactive users will not be able to log in.
  2. (Optional) Enable the following toggle switches:
    • Guest user cannot add to quote - users can only browse items but they cannot add them to quotes.
    • Guest user can proceed to check-out without self-registration - defines whether the guest user needs to self-register in order to proceed with the checkout. If the parameter is enabled, the Customer Info tab opens up after the checkout. If disabled, the login page opens after the checkout and users have to register.
    • When guest user creates a quote, system can pre-populate customer roles based on user's or user's company info - defines whether the system pre-populates customer roles with user’s Bill-to and Ship-to information as well as the user’s company information.
  3. Click Save.
    The guest user settings are adjusted.

Legacy SSO Settings

In this page, you define the settings for the User Registration page.

  1. In Single Sign-On key and Single Sign-On vector, enter values to encrypt and decrypt a username.
    You need to provide unique values.
  2. Enable the Send Single Sign On Link to the Quote as result of NewQuote API method field.
  3. Click Save.

A more detailed description is available in the Single Sign-on page.

Guest User Side

Guest users can log into SAP CPQ in the following ways:

  • login page - administrators should provide the username/password/domain. After logging, users land to the catalog.
  • direct link - the format of the link should be app_name/mt/domain_name (e.g. The login screen is skipped and users land to the catalog.

Users logged as guest users can browse the catalog and create quotes (if Guest user cannot add to quote is disabled).

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