Quick Search and Advanced Search

Quick Search

Catalog Quick Search works with an autocomplete option. Users conduct the search by entering a key word(s) for the name/description of the product they are looking for. Quick Search will look for the product’s name/description in the user selected language. If it doesn’t find the translation, Quick Search will then look for the product name/description in the user default dictionary. The Quick Search result will always contain an entire text body of the product name/description that users enter. In other words, if you search for a product with the word “window” in it, and you enter the word “indow,” your Quick Search result will comprise all products containing the word “indow” in them.

We have defined several parameters to improve search performance in Catalog Quick Search with an autocomplete option. For now, if a number of products in the system exceeds 100,000 for search by Part Number and Product Name, and 10,000 for search by Description, Word or Phrase, the words entered in the Search box must equal the starting sequence of the text searched. Hidden parameters may be modified by SAP CPQ administrators in the capacity that will not affect search performance.

* These parameters are not used when using options “Show more results” and “Advanced Search.”

Examples of Quick Search are listed below(products used in test: Color red, Color blue, Color green):

Advanced Search

Advanced search works a bit differently. When the user enters the search box field, Advanced Search will divide the text into word segments (the search will follow the same search logic of the user selected language; if it doesn’t find the translation, Advanced Search will then look for the product name/description in the user default dictionary). The role of the functionality’s application parameter, “When users enter several words in search box, SAP CPQ will find products based on each entered word (instead of searching based on entire phrase)” is to define if the result of the product name or description must contain all individual words in the text entered, (though not necessarily in the same order) within their textual values; or if it can contain at least one word from the text entered.

Parameter=FALSE - must contain all words

Parameter=TRUE - must contain at least one word

Examples of Advanced Search with parameters are listed below:

Note for Quick and Advanced Search: explanation provided in this document refers only to using the search by entering the product name/description field.

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