User Registration

The User Registration page allows users to create an account in case an administrator hasn’t previously created one for them.

Administrator Side

To allow users to register from the login page, administrators must first set the parameter Allow User Registration to TRUE. The parameter is in Users > Guest User and Default User Settings > Default User Settings for Self-Registered Users. If the parameter is set to FALSE, users cannot register in the User Registration page and they are prompted to contact their administrator.

Default User Settings for Self-Registered Users

This tab is for defining the settings that apply to every user that registers on their own, without an approval from the administrator. To access the tab, go to Setup > Users > Guest User and Default User Settings > Guest User Settings.

  1. In Custom Message, enter a message that will appear on the User Registration page.
    You can use HTML tags.
  2. In Default User Type, select a user type that is assigned to all self-registered users.
  3. In Default Password Expiration Period in Days for Self-Registered Users, define the number of days before a password expires.
    To prevent users from self-registering to SAP CPQ, you should enter -1 in this field.
  4. In Default Ordering Parent and Default Managing Parent, select the users that will be assigned as ordering and managing parents, respectively, to self-registered users.
    The field offers autocomplete suggestions as you type in characters.
  5. In the Optional Fields list, select the fields that the user can optionally fill out during registration on the User Registration page. The unselected fields are mandatory. Additionally, all fields that users must fill out are listed in the dedicated list. All user custom fields display in the registration page and they are listed in this page as well.
  6. Click Save.
    The settings for the User Registration page are now set up.

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