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 +====== Likelihood of Approval ======
 +This functionality allows extending approval rules. User can define slider definition and attach the definition to approval rules. Sliders allow users to see the probability of the current quote to be approved. One slider definition can be attached to more than one rule, but one rule can have only one slider definition. Slider definitions are listed in a standard table, with actions copy, delete and edit. \\ 
 +{{ workflowapprovals:slider.jpg }}
 +;#;//Figure A - Slider Probability Definitions//;#; 
 +Clicking Add New opens a page for adding/editing a slider definition. The first step is to choose which field is related with this slider. For this slider field user must add an editable field and set corresponding maths (see [[adminhelp:pricingcalculations:cartfieldsadministration:cartfieldsadministration|Cart Fields Administration]]). The second step is to enter slider boundaries and finally, the third step is to select the rules to which this slider will be applied. \\ 
 +{{ workflowapprovals:definisanslider.jpg }}  
 +;#;//Figure B - Slider Probability Definition//;#;
 +On the user side, for every rule that has a slider definition, a user has the information about likelihood of approval based on the color and/or image. The color and image is the same as for margin health and can be defined in [[adminhelp:pricingcalculations:marginhealthdesignandvisibility|Margin Health Design and Visibility]]. \\ 
 +{{ workflowapprovals:approvalruleslider.jpg }} 
 +;#;//Figure C - Approval Probability - User Side//;#; 
 +The user can change this probability by clicking the **Adjust** button. \\ 
 +{{ workflowapprovals:hood.jpg }} 
 +;#;//Figure D - Changing the Probability//;#;
 +When a user moves a slider, the CPQ  will calculate the value of the slider based on the min and max value and on the slider's current position. (ex: min=20, max=30, current position = 30, slider value = 20 + (30 - 20)***30 = 23). After calculating the slider value, the CPQ will find the field, which is defined in the second step and meets the criteria from the third step, then applies the value of the slider to that field, then finds the editable group which contains this field and executes maths for this editable group. So, for this functionality to work properly the user needs to adjust cart editable fields (see [[adminhelp:pricingcalculations:cartfieldsadministration:cartfieldsadministration|Cart Fields Administration]]) Ex: If the administrator on the second step chooses Product Type -> Discount Percent, also administrator must specified Editable group field where Product Type - Discount Percent will be editable with the corresponding math.  
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