Implementing a Notification

Once a notification and message have been created, it can be associated with a workflow action. This is done in the Workflow Actions administration section. For any workflow event/intersection, click the button to open the Status Administration page.


Workflow Actions

On this page, click the Edit button under the Notifications column of the appropriate action (make sure it’s selected).

Notifications - Edit

For more information on the Workflow see the chapter Action page, on Workflow Actions.

Selecting Notifications

In the resulting pop-up window, all notifications are listed. Click the checkbox of each notification that will be associated with that action. Click Update to save the selection(s) and Close to cancel the selection. Click Save on the status administration page. When a user initiates this action, the notification is triggered and any messages added will be sent. The information from the quote that the user performed this action on will be used for any attachments using word quote tags. Email messages will include all information included on the message definition page (as discussed earlier). The From addressee of the email will be the address entered in the Mail To Address in Application Parameters. See the chapter on General Settings for more information.

The Mail To Address and the Shop SMTP Mail Server fields in Application Parameters must be filled in order for notification emails to work.

Place Order Notification

SAP CPQ default “Place Order” Email is sent when user clicks on “Place Order”. In order to control From Address of this Email, we can use application parameter “Place order “From” email address” found in SAP CPQ Setup → General → Application Parameters → Shopping Cart and Quotes. If this app parameter is not defined, user's Email is used as From address.

Selecting place order on a complete quote that does not require approval.

Place Order

Brings up the Order Confirmation screen.
Additional email addresses can be entered in the additional e-mails textbox. Clicking Confirm/Send Order confirms that the Order has been placed and notifications are sent to The Bill To or Ship To email address if checked and any other additional e-mail addresses entered.

Although this is a hardcoded notification, it can be changed by changing the visual style for Place Order page.
For more information on Visual Styles, please see Users Administration section of the manual.

Approval Notifications

Your SAP CPQ installation comes with 3 predefined notifications for Approval Process:

  1. Approval Request Notification
  2. Quote Approved Notification
  3. Quote Rejection Notification


Adjustments for these 3 notifications can be made easily with edit action.

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