Required Fields By Workflow Action

The Required Fields by Workflow Action section determines which fields are required before a certain workflow action can be performed. Unlike Workflow Permissions and conditions that hide any action the user isn’t allowed to perform, Required Fields by Workflow Action ensures that certain fields are entered before the action is successfully performed. The option to perform the action is visible to the user, but a message is displayed telling the user certain fields must be entered before the action can be performed.
In administration, user can find this section by clicking on “Workflow/Approvals”, and then on “Required Fields by Workflow Action”. The Workflow/Custom fields matrix shows up, which enables user to set up desired behavior. Note that this page has 3 tabs, to set up workflow for “My Quotes”, quotes that are edited from “Waiting for Approval” tab, and quotes from other users (“Other quotes”), as seen on picture below


Figure A - Required Fields for Workflow Action

For example, by default, Bill To field is required to place an order.

Figure B - Action Parameters

Clicking the Place Order button without entering information into the Bill To fields brings up the following message box. error.jpg
Clicking OK redirects the page to the Customer Info Tab where the Bill To field is located.


Figure C - Customer Info

In general, there are three default fields, the Bill To, Ship To, and End User that can be set as required fields before a user can perform a specified workflow action. A customer is fully defined only when all of the fields that are required for that customer are filled.
The other fields that can be set to as required fields are custom fields (see the section on custom fields for how to add custom fields). All custom fields added are automatically populated on the left (Fields rows) of the Required Fields by Workflow Action table.

Figure D - Fields

A field can be required for a particular action by checking the checkbox in the intersection of the field and that action and clicking Save. Also, a condition can be set that must be true before the field is required. To set a condition, click the button next to the checkbox by the intersection of the field and the associated action, and enter a condition using the syntax builder. Click Save after setting a condition.


Figure E - Additional Info

On the user side, when the user selects the action via a button or a drop down box, CPQ checks if the required fields have been filled out and if not, CPQ displays a message box and then redirects the user to the tab containing the required field.

After clicking “ok” button, user will be redirected to the appropriate quote tab so that he can enter the required field.

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